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The Mighty Shrimpers consolidated their position in League One with a record breaking performance. The Hump came in for injured Coxy, and 500 Shrimpers followed in hope.

First half and it’s all aboard the Goodship 3points as Brandon fires home, the Hump curls one in for 2-0. What are Blues gonna do now? What happens when we’re in the lead?? Concede of course with a wicked OG from Milligan. 2-1 halfo. (3-0 Blues I suppose)

Second half and next goal crucial – and Hump gets it with a great shot! 3-1 and it’s a Blooze Crooze! Apart from a Wiggum goal and them hitting the woodwork twice. 3-2. 89mins and the inevitable happens as the Blues defence shits itself on the appearance of 37 year old Akinfenwa who helps  set up 3-3 and Wiggum score on 92 mins to leave Blues with 5 games and zero points.

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