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Wimbledon A trainingWimbledon A gameJames Anchovy and 791 fellow Shrimpers made the trip to Cherry Red Records Stadium (no, really) where the real Wimbledon now reside. Comments and pix from James.

First half and we hear that Swinetown have scored on 94 mins to beat Millyawn, who have scraped jammy last minute goals lately so fair do’s. The referee is from Wikford – could go either way! Rough pitch so a proper back and forward game so far, long balls etc. But Blues have the class… and Power Ranger walks one in from pretty much the corner flag, 1-0 Blues! Halfo 1-0.

Second half and the refs having a decent game unlike Charles for Wimps who was terrible. Then Coxy screams in from 20 yards – 2-0 Blues! Lots of head tennis and balls into orbit as Blues grind out an ugly win!

Now we can breathe, Blues stay 6th and we’re after Scunny!

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