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Prawn Connery, Fish Walsh and Wendy Prawniwell sat in the autumn sunshine to watch the Blues bounce back from the disappointing draw with Crawleech.

First half and it’s Kights with a shot which hits the post, Bunn with an attempt to win a penalty and Droo having to go off injured. Pool score from two yards after poor defending for 0-1 halfo.

Second half and Pool hit the bar before Demi scores a brave header for 1-1. But more poor defending has Pool scoring for 2-1 on 83mins, yet another late goal. Turner then goes Turnip by stamping on a Pool players back right in front of the ref for a straight red. FT 1-2.

Wendy  says it was like watching a League 2 game with hoofed long balls and head tennis. Prawn Connery says ditto, we have short players and keep launching it.

It says a lot when Fish and Prawny reckon the highlight was a Pool player going arse over tit and his name was ….TILT!

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