Match Reports 18-19

SUFC 2 Sunderland 1 »

9th May 2019

The Blues fans celebrated as Southend United won the Relegation Playoffs Final day Lottery Cup by beating Sunderland, and the Prawncrew were there to cheer on the Shrimpers, invade the pitch and celebrate afterwards in the bar! First half and Blues are well up for it, Whitey scores and overhead […]

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Rochdale 1 SUFC 0 »

27th April 2019

Uncle Ron laid on the free coaches again and we had the same result as previous freebies with a painful defeat in front of a big following of 1100 Shrimpers. A poor display and a bunch of muppet fans helping to spoil the day. Fish Walsh and trainee Prawntrooper Kev […]

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SUFC 3 Burton 2 »

23rd April 2019

The Mighty Shrimpers had to win this game to avoid the dropzone, Nick Prawnby met up with Steve Whelk who had driven from Nottingham with his mate Paul Reedfish in the Eater sunshine First half and Blues are up for it against a good Burton side and it’s Coxy crossing […]

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Walsall 1 SUFC 1 »

19th April 2019

The Mighty Shrimpers travelled to Walsall to get royally stitched up by a referee. First Half and Blues are doing well with Easter Bunney and Kiernan having shots saved before Coxy scores just before the break. Then Moore has a goal shockingly disallowed when the ref blows for halftime as […]

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SUFC 0 Wycombe 2 »

14th April 2019

Prawn Connery, Fish Walsh and Wendy Prawniwell suffered at the hands of Chief Wiggum as Akinfenwa took our defence completely by surprise. First half and two nervous teams slugged it out with Wiggum winning on points. But Demi has to go off injured, Elvis comes on. HALF TIME and this […]

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Fleetwood 2 SUFC 2 »

6th April 2019

The Mighty Shrimpers travelled to Blackpoolshire with new guy Kevin (Harry) Bond in charge. He put Kiernan into midfield and Bunny up front with Coxy, Hyam back into midfield. Fartwood have Joey Barton, Paddy Madden and Ched Evans – what’s not to like? First half and Paddy Bloody Madden scores […]

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SUFC 0 Shrewsbury 2 »

30th March 2019

Prawntroopers Martin and Wendy Prawniwell, and Prawn Connery watched from the East Stand and Fish Walsh from the West as the Blues started with Aquaman up front, as Ricky Duncan took the coaching role. First half and old nemesis Anthony Grant rolled into town, and rolled around gaining freekicks as […]

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