Match Reports 19-20

SUFC 1 Wimbledon 4 »

12th October 2019

A big squad of Prawntroopers went to the Hall hoping for the turnaround, and they almost turned around and left after eleven minutes. Prawn Connery, Fish Walsh, Wendy Prawniwell and Spratty Connery provide the comments…… First half and Womb are 2-0 after 11mins. Blues hit back, Dieng Dong with a […]

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Gillingham 3 SUFC 1 »

5th October 2019

Four Prawntroopers grabbed their passports and travelled south of the border to sit on the scaffolding. James Anchovy, Fish Walsh, Prawn Connery and Spratty Connery shuddered thru 90mins. To watch Gary Haddocks probable last game in charge. First half and it’s Mark Oxley keeping Blues in it but Girlyham score […]

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SUFC 0 Brighton U-21 2 (EFL Trophy) »

2nd October 2019

Fish Walsh attended to fulfill his Prawnzone obligations along with 640 others for the Blues lowest ever attendance. He wished he hadn’t as he says it was awful and embarrassing. Zero shots on target in the first half, 0-0. Second half and 51mins it’s 0-1, and Egbri gets Blues first […]

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SUFC 0 Accrington 1 »

29th September 2019

Vital six-pointer against our early season relegation rivals had Nick Prawnby, Prawn Connery, Fish Walsh and Notts reporter Steve Whelk meeting in the bar afterwards to discuss this dismal showing. First half and it’s two poor teams playing head tennis and hot potato, in what Prawn says is a “scrappy-do” […]

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MKD 0 SUFC 1 »

21st September 2019

The Mighty Shrimpers travelled to Franchise FC and Fish Walsh went to see if the Blues could finally get a Persil. (clean sheet). Gary Haddock still in charge. First half and it’s Chaz Kelman scoring after just 4 mins! Only 86 mins to hang on! Fish says that “Manky have […]

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Shrewsbury 4 SUFC 3 »

20th September 2019

The Mighty Shrimpers made it six goals scored in two games! Superb Macca header! Great strike from the Hump! Spanking shot into the net from Coxy! (Shrews scored some goals, four actually, to win the game officially)

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SUFC 3 Fleetwood 3 »

15th September 2019

The Mighty Shrimpers finally grabbed a point with new manager Gary Haddock masterminding a glorious semi-victory. Fish Walsh, Prawn Connery and Wendy Prawniwell comments. First strike to Blues as Macca scores from a freekick but Barton’s Bashers hit back to lead 2-1 right on halfo. Halfo and the PrawnCrew say […]

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