PZ Roots Hall Of Fame

James Anchovy »

9th December 2016

James Anchovy!  Welcome to the latest recruit to the team at Prawn Towers!  James has been a Shrimper for the entire century, and way back to the 1990’s. His favourite moments include the play-off victory – no not that one – the 2005 victory in Cardiff! After those two gutting […]

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Tom Crabstick »

5th February 2016

Welcome to the PZ Roots Hall of Fame – Tom Crabstick! A follower of the Mighty Shrimpers since the 1990’s, and supported the Blooz through thick and very thin, including back to back relegations…. Favourite players from that era are Mark Gower and Darryl Flahaven, fave nowadays is Jacky Payne […]

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Oscar da Octopus teenage Prawnster »

15th December 2015

First into the Prawnzone Roots Hall of Fame is 14 year old Oscar da Octopus! Mad keen supporter of the Mighty Shrimpers and the team we always beat – Man Utd! Oscar plays for his lads team in left midfield, just like Steve Tilson…. actually his hero is some guy […]

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