Newcastle United FC »

26th July 2016

Newkhazi United Football Club is the football club just before Scotland. Saint Geordie arrived on the shores of Newcarsie around 14BC arriving from the north without a shirt on eating a deep-fried Mars bar. The club was founded in 1892 by the merger of pub team Newt and Shoot who user to […]

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Shrewsbury Town FC »

1st February 2016

Shroozbucket Town FC Shropshire’s finest team were formed in 1887, after a pub crawl in the old town which started on Shrove Tuesday and ended at Stafford Wednesday. They joined the Mid Shropshite and Birminger League and finished bottom 9 years running, leading to the nickname the Salop Buckets. Despite […]

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Chesterfield FC »

10th October 2015

Chunderfield FC Chunderfield’s early history is mired in muddy mystery manyfold. Having originally been declared as being formed by a holy congregation of Chunderfield’s loftiest citizens under the wonky church spire, recent discoveries paint a different picture. The club started as a collection of rejects from Chunderfield Cricket and Ballet […]

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Peterborough United FC »

3rd September 2015

Petridish United FC The club was formed in 1926, when a smear of bacteria in a petri dish at the University of Scumbridgeshire transmogrified into a virus, then a microbe, then a cell. This divided into an organism which multiplied and grew into Billy Flybynite, the original Chairman (and father […]

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Coventry City FC »

24th August 2015

Comatose City Originally formed in 1888 from workers at the Mingers wig factory, named Mingers HairUnetted and playing in pink hairshirts, the team played their games at Syrup and Fig Stadium. The ground was the first League ground to be all seater, 5,000 capacity, all the seats being recliners, and became known […]

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Swindon Town FC »

19th August 2015

Swindumb Rovers Formed as Swindumb CPR in 1879 by Dr Bill Twonk, Rovers first tried their luck in the Wiltshire Ass and Equine League, winning a rosette in 1890 and gaining the nickname The Dobbins. Turning professional in 1894 and joining the South South West Wilts League, a successful period […]

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Walsall FC »

9th August 2015

Wallsunk FC Formed in 1898 as Wallsunk Swankers after an amalgamation of prison team Wallsunk Swindlers and Wallsunk Anchors, an ill fated Sea Scout team which was famous for being situated 52 miles from any sea. The nickname The Swindlers has continued to this day, especially after an FA Cup […]

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