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5th August 2015

Spring 2014 and Prawn Connery joins the team at Prawn Towers. Young, handsome and keen, he is a worthy addition to the team of journalists feverishly working to keep Prawnzone as fresh as a mollusc. And he has a fit wife (Gerri). Match reports come thick and fast, with help […]

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22nd July 2015

15th August 1998, Southend United v Shrewsbury Prawn Seasoning first appears in Southend United fanzine “What’s The Story Southend Glory”, as a one-page, fanzine-in-a-fanzine mickey take. (Full credit to Shrimp Season). It continues as a one-page effort for more than two years, with 25 plus editions. September 2000, and a […]

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