SUFC 0 Shrewsbury 2 

Prawntroopers Martin and Wendy Prawniwell, and Prawn Connery watched from the East Stand and Fish Walsh from the West as the Blues started with Aquaman up front, as Ricky Duncan took the coaching role.

First half and old nemesis Anthony Grant rolled into town, and rolled around gaining freekicks as Shrooz and Blooz battled and gave us a half of head-tennis, hoof ball and bad refereeing. No shots on target from either side, halfo 0-0.

Prawn Connery says that the Shrooz No6 has been trying to swap shirts with Aquaman. Positive first half and he likes the passion and desire, need a few shots on goal and a bit of luck so Ricky can get a Slam Dunc!

Second half and Shrooz first shot scores on 50 mins. Heads go down, on come Chaz Kelman and Hyman but Shrooz go two up thru Waterfall. Blues have no imagination and finally Coxy gets a shot on target on 81mins and the crowd goes wild. It ends 0-2.

Wendy thinks Bish was not on his best form, Fish says this is how we’ve performed since Xmas and doesn’t see much changing unless we get a miracle. Prawn Connery stays positive and is hoping we can get the Hump soon!

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