SUFC 3 Bristol Rovers 1 

The Mighty Shrimpers started with 8 players under 21, some of whom hadn’t even been paid for Feb yet and Fish Walsh was there with a good feeling in his water before the game…

First half and Ravers hit the post with an early header but Demi sets Chaz Kelman in on goal and he fires home! Egbri hits the bar with a loopy cross and Blues are on top against a poor Ravers side. Halfo 1-0.

Second half and it’s an immediate disaster as Elvis slips up and JML runs away to fireĀ  home. But Blues don’t roll over and Gard sets Kinalia away to cross for the Egg Egbri to slot home! Blues get stuck in and are blocking everything! Macca crosses from the left and it’s an OG for 3-1 Blues! Fish Walsh can’t believe it, the last 15 mins are stress free!

Kevin Maher shakes the young lads hands at the end, they may have given him a manager job at Ravers!

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