SUFC 0 dagenham 3 »

16th March 2022

The Mighty Shrimpers were looking to continue their recent unbeaten run against Dagenham and Bogey FC. With Lopata being recalled to another SUFC, In comes Davies against Dagenham and Voodoo. First half and a surging run from Big Willy Atko sees the ball nestling in the net! the wrong net. […]

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Bury 3 SUFC 2 »

10th May 2016

No High-fives at Gigg Lane as Blues slipped to their fifth loss in a row. The Prawniwells made the trip and beamed back these pics, but they were gutted as a 999th minute penalty robbed Blues of a point. First Half and Jack Bridge made a welcome start and the […]

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South Thud 0 Bradfudd 1 »

30th April 2016

With Phil Browntrout announcing that he was staying for next season, Blues faithful hoped for a good display in the last home game. Prawn Connery and Joe Prawnby reckoned a Bantams win, but Fish and Nick went for a home victory. First Half and the Fudd were on top with […]

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Wigan 4 SUFC 1 »

23rd April 2016

Not many Shrimpers thought that the Blues would get much from this game, Wiggers being top of the League and all that. But we expected more than an embarrassing defeat with ZERO shots on target – the Wiggers goal was an OG! Ted Smiff went in goal for his first […]

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SUFC 0 Oldham 1 »

19th April 2016

The only change is Whitey in for Big Willy Atko, but with Basher Barrett taking the captains garter. Nick reckons 1-1, Prawn’s going for 1-0 with Lenny scoring. First Half and straight away the Latics have a shot which hits the post. Corner has Barrett heading over. Lats have a […]

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16th April 2016

The Mighty Shrimpers travelled to the Biscuit Stadium, Warsaw, for this 3 pointer. The home side were sitting third and in form, the Blues middly-diddly and in fiddly form. There’s a big shock when Digger Deegan appears with a surgically lengthened chin. 400 plus Shrimpers cheer on the Blues. First […]

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SUFC 2 Fleetwood 2 »

9th April 2016

It’s the second game in a row against Blackpool and District, with Fartwood arriving with League two aspirations. Lots of gossip regarding who’s going to be here next season, let’s get this game won first! Lenny starts for the first time in two months. Wozza continues as sort of right […]

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