Charlton 2 SUFC 1 

A strong team of Prawntroopers made their way up the A2, also from Gatwick via New Zealand. Fish Walsh and James Anchovy met up with Prawn Connery and Kiwi Glenn Garfish along with 1500 Shrimpers. Blues don’t get much change from the Valley tills, and Charlton had made a good start to the season….

First Half Nile and Elvis start the game. Lenny heads over , the Power Ranger shoots wide, the Affletic have chances, Blues shot-shy as usual. Halfo 0-0, fair do’s.

Second Half and both teams have chances but on 65 MacGuinness isn’t good for us as he heads home. Blues heads drop and it’s Fish’s Shark, Rochford Ricky who slots in his traditional goal against Blues just 3 mins later. Then wonder of wonders, Blues score – from a corner! 40 attempts from corners with no success but it’s Whitey who heads in, just like he did last time he was here! 78 mins, Lenny has a shot cleared off the line, by Guinness man again, but no luck for the Blues as Affletic hold on for the win.

James Anchovy is worried about the lack of firepower, only one shot on target despite lots of box possession, players have to take more responsibility and have a pop. Blues played well overall and could have got a point. 

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