SUFC 0 Walsall 3 

Prawn Connery shivered thru this one as the incredible efforts of the Blues fans to clear the pitch of snow had one particular Walsall player kicking snow in their faces.

First half and both sides have chances on a still iffy pitch, Fred the Lad should score with a header, Prawn says “not much to report on this half…” as we end up 0-0 halfo.

Second half and Walsall are coming on strong, Blues have “a cold engine” says Prawny. Harry should score but Wals’ OzTumer is the difference, causing problems and scoring through a shot, a freekick and another shot when Blues were chasing the game. CP tries 4Tuna, Kights and Wordsworth but Wal see it out. Prawn says Fred the Lad is a bit amatuer, good to see the Poet and Kights back in, need a goalscorer!

A kick up the jacksy for the Blues, We trust in CP to sort it out.

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