SUFC 1 Fleetwood 2 

Phil Browntrout selected a 2 – 2 – 2 – 3 – 1/2  – 0.5 formation which had our rattled opponents completely mystified. But it was a case of Cods-walloped as Blues slumped again.

First half and Fartwood hit the bar before halftime arrived 0-0 with no shots on target and no corners for the Blues. Fish Walsh says “about as exciting as watching paint dry. At least we’re not losing….”

Second half and FerdinNandos slips up to let Tony Digger slot home 0-1. Then bogeyman Madden scores his customary goal for 0-2. It was 86 mins before Kights shot looped in and Blues had a mad last 10 mins but to no avail.


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