SUFC 2 Blackbeach 1 


HEAR YE HEAR YE! You about to be witness to a nail biting game with 90th minute drama!

Fish Walsh, James Anchovy and Wendy Prawniwell saw an unchanged team take on the Orange ones, with Timmo still at left back……

First half and only 5 mins are gone when the Poet Wordsworth wanders lonely as a cloud to the near post from Macca’s corner, 1-0 Blues! But just like the Wombles, the Jaffa’s come back into it with the Ox making several smart saves. Coxy’s shot is cleared off the line as Blues fight back. Halfo 1-0.

Second half and it’s all Blues again as Coxy drifts in between defenders to score for 2-0! All over them – for ten minutes as Fish’s Shark Vassall scores for 2-1. The Tango’s have a go, but on come 4Tuna and Theo, they both go close and Prawnzone’s own Demi heads one off the line. But Demi tussles in the box and ref says pen way past 90 mins. But the Big Ox goes left to save the pen and save the 3 points!

Fish says it was all great drama, James says we were lucky to hold on, and Harry Kipper was MOTM for him. Same as Womble, grinding out an ugly win. Wendy says Big Ox was MOTM, and the pen save was the loudest roar at the Hall for a long time! UTB, Up to 12th!

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