Blackpool 2 SUFC 2 

With Pool getting their club back, it was a full house of 15,000 which greeted the teams. Blues made four changes with Robby Kiernan making his first appearance since August 2017, hoping to spoil the Tangerine dream.

First half and it’s Kiernan scoring from a corner, yes a CORNER on 20 mins to send the 300+ Blues fans and the team crazy. But the Jaffas equalize on 27 thru Gonad. Halfo 1-1.

Second half and unbelievably it’s another corner and Turner hooks home on 48! Pool chuck in the kitchen sink and Blues go 9-1-0 formation, Demi comes on for his first start since injury but it’s 96 mins when the ref swallows his whistle pea and Moore heads a last gasp OG FFS. 2-2.

Blues gain a point but drop a point nearer the dropzone. 3 points away, now we are officially sucked in to a relegation battle.

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