Bradford 0 SUFC 4 

Southend United’s consistently inconsistent season continued with a fantastic display at the Fudd. New boys Sam Hart and Stephen Humphrys started as Blues tried to bounce back after Plymuff.

First half and Coxy is quick of the mark with a great shot after just 2 minutes, and Mantz crashes home for 2-0 on 26mins as Fudd struggle to contain the Blues. Nathan denies Fudd with a great save, Hump is having a great game, halfo 2-0 Blues, as Fudd are the team being booed off.

Second half and it’s more of the same from the Mighty Shrimpers as Hump scores on 54 mins. Fudd are all over the shop and it’s no surprise when Hump gets his second goal for 4-0 Blues. Excellent display to reward the travelling Shrimpers.

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