Doncaster 3 SUFC 0 

Sir Chris Powell asked for more of the true grit shown at Charlton, and he got it! Until Donny scored…..

Klass started his first game but Marquis de Sade stuck the knife in on just 14 mins and Blues were on the back foot, with Whitey getting a bad injury and hanging on until halfo when he was replaced by Turner. Dieng Dong gets the only Blue shot on target with a header saved. Nathan earning his wages with good saves. Halfo 0-1.

Another good start to the 2nd half until Wilko scored on 55mins. Donny well on top with Coppinger having his usual storming game against Southend. And Blues were well and truly Kaned on 73mins, 3-0 Donny. Nathan helps to keep the score down at the Keepmoat and it ends up 0-3. One shot on target, one corner. Poor from Blues.

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