Fleetwood 2 SUFC 2 

The Mighty Shrimpers travelled to Blackpoolshire with new guy Kevin (Harry) Bond in charge. He put Kiernan into midfield and Bunny up front with Coxy, Hyam back into midfield. Fartwood have Joey Barton, Paddy Madden and Ched Evans – what’s not to like?

First half and Paddy Bloody Madden scores in the first minute but he’s offside. But Blues are snapping into tackles and it’s Bunny has the Blues fans hopping about with the goal on 21 mins! Much better display from Blues and it’s 1-0 halfo.

Second half and the next goal in crucial, which Fart score of course, with Evans slotting home. But Blues dig in and it’s Hyam with a thumping shot on 80mins, 2-1. But just like Blackpool, a late sickener gets Blues just a point, with a penalty from bloody Evans again.

It’s Wycombe next for a true six pointer at the Hall of Screams……..


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