Rochdale 1 SUFC 0 

Uncle Ron laid on the free coaches again and we had the same result as previous freebies with a painful defeat in front of a big following of 1100 Shrimpers. A poor display and a bunch of muppet fans helping to spoil the day.

Fish Walsh and trainee Prawntrooper Kev Carp travelled reported for PZ.

First half and no surprise that Dale start stronger, with Hart dropped for Henders and Hyam for Dru. But Hyam gets injured early and it’s Dieng on. Dale are pressing and Blues are powder puff. Halfo thankfully 0-0.

Second half and Dieng Dongs the ball out for a needless corner. And from that corner Dale make it 1-0, leading to a huge passionate reply for Blues. Not. Macca comes on, and Kightly comes on – for Dieng! Two shots on target all game. Now it’s a shit or bust game v Sunderland to save our skin.

Fish says “No fight, no creativity. Rochdale wanted it more, our fans were fighting each other, a rougue ARSEnal fan grabbing the ball and booting it around the stand. Disgraceful.”

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