Gillingham 3 SUFC 1 

Four Prawntroopers grabbed their passports and travelled south of the border to sit on the scaffolding. James Anchovy, Fish Walsh, Prawn Connery and Spratty Connery shuddered thru 90mins. To watch Gary Haddocks probable last game in charge.

First half and it’s Mark Oxley keeping Blues in it but Girlyham score on 43 thru Jones. Halfo 0-1

Second half and the next goal is vital. So Blues keep a clean sheet for all of 60 seconds, before O’Keefe scores. 0-2. Coxy pulls one back but sub Aquaman gets a second yellow and Blues are stuffed. The Ox even saves TWO penalties and Gals wrap it up on 87 for 3-1 and three points.

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