SUFC 1 MKD 4 League Cup Round 2 

Round Two of the Caribou Cup and Prawn Connery, Shrimpy Connery and Fish Walsh provide the comments. Demi back at right back – too soon?

Prawnzone always tries to see the funny side of life and the cheerful side of football but this game had the guys seriously thinking of applying for Prawnzone’s Sir Whingealot position.

First half and Prawny says “No pressure on the ball, no challenges, poor tactics.”

Fish says ” We are shit. Must be bad stuff going on behind the scenes., Should be more than 2-0 down.”

Halfo 0-2.

Second half slightly better, Mantz not effective, Hump trying, Goodship gets one back 1-2. But it all fades to nothing and Mank score twice more. Final score 1-4.

Prawny, Shrimpy, Fish, Wendy Prawniwell and Nick Prawby all say enough is enough. Bond will have to go. These players could do so much better.

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