SUFC 1 Wimbledon 4 

A big squad of Prawntroopers went to the Hall hoping for the turnaround, and they almost turned around and left after eleven minutes. Prawn Connery, Fish Walsh, Wendy Prawniwell and Spratty Connery provide the comments……

First half and Womb are 2-0 after 11mins. Blues hit back, Dieng Dong with a header and Womb are on the back foot, Halfo 1-2.

Second half and Forss forces home spot kick on 52mins, and Del Boy makes it 1-4 0n 72.

Full time 1-4 and Fish says “some of these are not fit to wear the shirt, what a disgrace”

Wendy says “I’ve seen more effort and passion down the local park! Midfield clueless, Ox kicking the ball straight out more than once, only Elvis rocking the joint, almost scored himself”

New manager announcement on Thursday, must have been Gary Haddock’s last game in charge.

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