Wealdstone 0 SUFC 0 

Wealdstone had lost their first two games so were ripe for the plucking by the Mighty Shrimpers and over 800 fans. Phil Brown Wealy, Wealy wanted three points…..

First half and Stone are second best as the hungry Blues pummelled the Stone goal, even actually hitting the bar twice – it was just a matter of time before….. our goalkeeper gets sent off. But luckily we were owed a dodgy decision after StockButch County last game, and the ref just gives Arnie a yellow. He’ll be back. Halfo 0-0 (obviously)

Second half and the Stones are back into the game as Blues fade and it’s the home side saying “You want some?” as Arnie has to make smart stops and the game peters out with Stone almost nicking it at the death.

Phil not impressed by the poor display, and certain players who wimped out of challenges….will be starting next game.

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