Josh/Paddy Scunny 

Scunny Josh MorrisShark in the Water for the game versus Scumthump on Saturday is a toss-up between Blues nemesis Paddy Madden and top scorer Josh Morris.

Paddy has scored in the last three games against the Blues, including the 4-0 thumping in September. But then again Josh also scored in that game…..

Fish Walsh has named Paddy as Shark in the Water, but Paddy is injured and unlikely to even make the bench. Tough luck on the Irishman, who has had spells at The Scottish Club and Yo-Dude, where he scored the goal to take Yo into the Championship, although he got a 2nd tier nosebleed and was sold on to Scunny.

So it requires Nick Prawnby to make the casting vote (sorry Fish) and Prawnzone officially names Josh Morris as our Shark. Scunny Paddy Madden

Bad luck on Paddy, who is back in the Coronation Street gym working on his fitness.

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