Rochford Ricky, tricky Valiant 

  Fish Walsh has surprised absolutely no-one with his nomination of Ricky Holmes as his Shark in the Water for the game at Charlton Athletic.

Rochford Ricky holds the current record for “the player most linked with Southend United” after several twitter frenzies in the last few summers. But player of the season Tricky Ricky has stuck with the Addicks.

He’s scored two league goals this season, but can only score as part of a four-goal team haul (4-3 Old’em, 4-1 Cobblers). Not sure if that’s a good stat or not.

Ricky was born in Rochford, probably in Rochford hospital, the same as many Shrimpers. He played for Blues 2002-4 in the Yoof set-up, then on to Chelmsford, Barnet, Pompey, and Cobblers, before back South of the river to the Valley.

30 year old Tricky Rochford Ricky is bound to end up at the Hall one day, so come on Rick, bang in an OG for the Blues, you know it’s your destiny……

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