Tyrone “Benny” Barnett 

tyrone-barnett-and-shirt With the Boxing Day game against AFC Wimbledon on the horizon, Fish Walsh has gone with the bleedin’ obvious and named Tyrone Barnett as his Shark in the Water.

Big Benny Tyrone will be offering a threat to the Blues and our defenders will have to keep their mince pies peeled so they don’t end up feeling like turkeys. Tyrone of course spent a 20 game loan spell with the Blues, scoring 5 goals.

Ty has played for 10 league teams and scored against Col Ewe and Leyton Orient. Oh, and Southend United, ah well.

At Wimbledon, he’s got 5 goals in 26 appearances this season since joining in August, but three of those were this month, including the last game versus Port Fail.

As he scores every four games on average, hopefully his December quota is full!



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