When I was a wee lad, nobody but nobody supported the bloody Arsenal. They would have been ridiculed until suicide was the only alternative.
But nowadays you can see slap-heads in that Emmeroids shirt everywhere, on fat blokes (obviously) and wimmin, and goddammit, even on little kids!
Social services don’t want to know! Child cruelty or what?
Fair enough, if you live in Norf Lundun there ain’t much alternative… the Loo-Town maybe, Barnitt, Enfield don’t exist, or if you’re desperate, even the Ooze.
But Arse for gods sake?? Are you completely ferkin mad????
And if you really want to wear yellow and look like a complete twat – then support Watford!
2018 and Dick Emery is now in charge, ooh you are awful!

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