Bristol Rovers 

Brizzel Ravers

The original team was formed in 1903 by a Chinese work-gang digging the disastrous Avon tunnel, successfully joining the Brizzel Bundesliga in 1905.
Named Avon Ah-so’s by the owner Mr Wong, and nickmamed the Welsh Winkers locally, Brizzel have the record for the most name changes by any team.
Known in 1911 as Brizzel Rangers, in 1921 Brizzel Roamers, then Brizzel Reamers in 1929, Rabids, Rabbits, Ringos, Runts and Reprobates, until the last change to Ravers after an Ann Summers party at the home of then manager Francis “Mungo” Jerry in 2001.

A run of poor seasons led to relegation from the Football League in 2014, but the Ravers have roared back into League One after a 2015 Playoff final win against Grimethorpe Colliery, after a penalty shoot-out, how lucky is that!

Manager Denzil Clark hopes to lead the Ravers to more glory at the Mammorial Stadium.



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