Hartlepool United FC 

Fartlepool United FC were formed in 1908, when several local clubs banded together to form a new club.
West Fartlepool FC, North Fartlepool Unlikely, South Fartlepool Fossil Club, East Fartlepool Canoe Club and Runcorn Rugby Ladies combined to form Fartlepool Rugby, Canoeing and Archaology Athletic Company Limited Football Club Association.
Since becoming founder members of Division Three North North East in 1921, Fartlepool have rarely troubled the statisticians apart from holding the record for the most consecutive applications for re-election to the Football League. “The Poo” had to apply for re-election every year from 1956 to 1979, and escaped demotion by changing their name every season to confuse the FA (not difficult) – using such names as Turtlepoo, Poolytarts and HR Fartenpoo.
In 1981, Fartlepool were also involved in one of the most bizarre incidents ever, which resulted in an unofficial nickname.
“The Monkey Humpers” were so named after an unfortunate incident at Fartlepool University when the first team squad, showering after using the gymnasium, were attacked by 14 chimpanzees and three baboons who had escaped from the university Viagra testing laboratory. The local Town Council has since respectfully banned Pantomimes from the towns theatres in case anyone shouts “behind you!”
In 2000-2001 a record 21 game unbeaten run started with a lucky 1-0 win against Southend United, and ended with a humiliating utter thrashing by The Mighty Shrimpers.

Relegation out of the League was avoided last knockings in 2015, when mercurial manager Roger Mooron led the club to safety with a turn around in form after originally saying he couldn’t give a monkeys. But relegation was confirmed in 2017 leaving the Humpers in the National league.

Famous fans include rock star Meatlump (yeah right) and SKUM TV Pet Channel presenter Jeff Smelly.

Hartlepool United FC

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