Officially the best team in Kent, the “Gals” have a lively and interesting history dating from their foundation in 1911.
The North Kent area has for a thousand years been used as a Penal Colony for ingrates and ne’er-do-wells shipped over from the civilisation of Essex, indeed the team was originally formed from inmates of a prison on the Isle of Sheppey.
The 1910 Perversion Act found a large number of felons wishing to form a team to play a team of deserters from army barracks in Horne Bay, and after 9 successfull annual games, an ideal patch of land was found after the First World War on which to build a stadium.
The “Priest Feeled” area was a well known haunt of several of the inmates, and Sir Percy Yout, first chairman and founder, built the Priestfeeled Stadium, which opened in 1920.
Sir Percy had been influenced by the stadiums in Spain, and modelled the Priestfeeled on the grounds he had seen on his travels.
Unfortunately, these had been bullrings, and the stadium remained circular, with Girlyham unable to join the football league until 1941, when by lucky chance, a German bomb blew one end of the stadium to fuck.
Sir Percy was able to build a rectangular ground, and in 1948, Girlyham were admitted to the Southern section of Division Four.
The Gals have rarely troubled the football statisticians in 60 plus years, apart from a 1st round FA Cup tie in 1998 with the 2nd biggest club in Kent, Folkestone Forest.
The game was abandoned after 70 minutes with the score at 0-0, when 200 police officers arrested 307 fans and 4 players for immigration offences.

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