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Newplace Quota FC were welcomed back into Sky Division Four in 2013.
An EC Fairplay Directive was issued after Cardiff reached the Premier League, meaning that the Football League did not have its full quota of teams from disadvantaged countries, like Wales.
A play off was arranged between the two Taff teams in Division Five, Newplace and Wreckedham.
Originally scheduled for the Linoleum Stadium in Cardiff, a last minute vote at FA headquarters switched the game to London, after a casting vote by Mr Samuel Shrimper, a fan of an Essex team who were made to travel to Wales in 2004 and 2005 when it should have been bloody Wembley.
Founded in 1912, Newplace Mammaries County Association FC began playing at Somotherplace Stadium and had a fairly uneventful few years, apart from two World Wars.
Newplace hold a couple of unenviable records. In 1947 a record 13-0 defeat at Newcastle had Ken Shaggleton famously remarking “Eeeeeeeee they wuz shit”, and in 1970-1974 they went 125 games without a win which had the now knighted Sir Ken remarking “still shit”.
In 1980, Newplace became holders of the Welsh Cup when 15 teams withdrew (the other sides could not field full teams because of a mass exodus of players to their English holiday homes).
Newplace played with distinction in the European Cup Winners Cup, beating Irish and Norwegian teams before bowing out to eventual finalists Carl Zip Jeans, after an injury to top scorer John Oldminge.
Just a few years later Newplace suffered bankruptcy, restarting in 1989 as an English team playing in Gloucestershire.
Eventually sussed out by the FA and banished back to Wales, an application was made to join the English Southern League, a geographical error which was eventually corrected when promotion was gained via the Midland League (?).
Reaching the Condomference in 2010, Newplace applied for the Welsh Playoff Final place in 2014 when Cardiff’s promotion was confirmed, and the Amber Army marched on into League Two and were still hanging on in 2018. 2019 saw a playoff  final defeat against Tranny.

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