Ryan Beaver – pop sensation 

November 2015

Ryan Beaver, pop sensation and sports fan, has tweeted his appreciation of English footballer Justin Leonard. And gave an exclusive interview to Prawnzone.

He said “I do a lot of work for charity and was shocked by the situation in Great England. In Essex State, I saw the hardship faced by Justin in the Soccerball League. Apparently Justin has been harshly treated by his pit boss. When Justin’s team are on the offensive, the boss takes Justin completely off of the grid pitch. Just because he can throw the Soccer sphere a long way. The boss is denying Justin the basic human right to hang around the edge of the grid box area and kick the soccer ball towards the touchdown net. He needs to be set free to hit the puck against Waggon Athletic Footlocker Cartel. I am going to do a charity concert to help Justin and the other offensive players in the Soccerball United South team.”

Prawnzone asked Ryan if he had seen Blues 5-2 win at Oldham. He replied “Yep, I Tubed it, I love that little Jack Wayne guy. And I saw Dave Warrior get a TKO, I’m glad the umpire stopped the clock and let the linebacker on with the bag of medicine. But my favorite is the Italian guy. I’m Italian myself you know. I Love your Defense Center, Luca Prosseco. When he got that fifth basket, I thought, like, wow, he’s really offensive.”

Well done Ryan Beaver, here in the United Queendom we salute you!

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