Sir Ronald of Martin 

Ron Martin became involved with Southend United in 1998, (coincidentally at around the same time that Prawn Seasoning was conceived), as part of the Delancey/Martin Dawn takeover from Victor Jobson.

Mr Martin assumed overall control of the club in 2000, (spookily at the same time as the original Prawn Seasoning website was created!)

Mirroring Prawnzone, a roller coaster ride has followed since, luckily Ron has bobsliegh experience to fall back on.

With the new PrawnDome at Fossetts Farm in the offing, things are looking bright for Ron and SUFC, especially with them new LED lights in Southend.

And funding is no problem, with Sainsbury’s now charging for carrier bags.

Ron Martin & alvin Ron with his brother Alvin Martin


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