PrawnZone Timeline 

15th August 1998, Southend United v Shrewsbury

Prawn Seasoning first appears in Southend United fanzine “What’s The Story Southend Glory”, as a one-page, fanzine-in-a-fanzine mickey take. (Full credit to Shrimp Season).

It continues as a one-page effort for more than two years, with 25 plus editions.

September 2000, and a fledgling website starts up! On MSN Communities at first, but Nick Prawnby purchases a proper URL and some software, and an almost half decent basic website is born!

Years of toil follows, including a weekly page on ITV Teletext, blagged when  Prawn Seasoning was still only a page in Builder’s fanzine.

Another update happens in 2007, and the PRAWNZONE site hits the web.

Fast forward to August 2015 and another update takes place…..

September 2021 and we celebrated 21 years of Prawnzone lunacy!

Here’s to the next 21 years!



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