Prawnzone people 

Founder and Editor Sir Nick Prawnby is proud to be a part of this great team at Prawn Towers,

Prawn Connery is one of the team of journalists feverishly working to keep Prawnzone as fresh as a mollusc. And he has a fit wife (Gerri).

Top reporter Fish Walsh is our roving reporter, travelling our fair land and sending back on-the-spot comments and pictures. Often aided and abetted by James Anchovy.

Match reports come thick and fast, with help from the aforementioned Gerri Prawniwell/Connery. Gerri’s parents, Wendy and Martin, also help with pictures, comments and observations.

Exiled Shrimper Steve Whelk, Nottingham based, (nicknamed The Sheriff of ClosetHam by Prawny) also chips in with copy. Has been known to sit with his Forest supporting sons in the Roots Hall North Bank whilst secretly wearing a Shrimpers shirt. And he has a fit wife.

The Prawn team even drag Prawny’s younger brother Shrimpy Connery along during the promotion season 2014-15 and at various vital games since.

Latest victims recruits Paul Codpiece and Scott Conga have now joined the staff at Prawn Towers.

With a strong team in place, it’s a pity that 2020-21 was so rubbish!

2021-22 must be bigger and better!



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