Port Vale 2 SUFC 0 

Vale Spot the FishThe Moon window of opportunity against The Vale is questioned again.

It seems a case so near yet so far and we need to start getting it right soon while it’s early days. Bogey Vale nicked a header midway through the first half after a great spell from the Shrimpers.

Browntrout carps on about mentality and depth and maybe a new arrival with give us the boost to get the win so the form matches the spirit.

Fish Walsh was at today’s game and said we played well infact he spoke with a local who thought Southend would win this match.

There were a few more chances for Cox Mooney Macca and Big Willy but no shots were converted and then the killer blow when we go 2 down they think it’s all over it is now for today.

But we are far from dead and like John Snow all we need is a bit of magic to bring us back to life. Then when the barmy army is full strength we will be like the b*stards we know we can be and give teams a real Game for the league one throne.

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