SUFC 0 Fleetfoot 2 

Match report by Wendy Prawniwell who drew the short straw and was ordered to attend.

With the pre match announcement that Antoine Ferdinando had joined the Blues, the Roots Hall faithful waited to see the defence show that he’d have to fight hard for a place. And then the match started.

And so started a woeful game. The Stigs scored through a Long long shot on 18 mins, and took control, with Browtrout swapping King for McGash to no avail. The ball stayed in orbit, Fleetfoot going for the keepy-uppy record. HT 0-1.

Second half not much better, Moons on, Cokes trying to get forward, Wendy’s MOTM. Demi tried hard too. Fleetstig made it 0-2 thru Hunter, and Browntrout looked disinterested, no shouting. He looked as bored as we did. Clueless!

Relegation battle looming…….

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