SUFC 3 Bradfudd 0 

bradford-blue-smokeThe Mighty Shrimpers shoot up to a nosebleed 9th with a 3-0 semi-thrashing of the Bantams! Wendy Prawniwell reports and Paul Codpiece supplies the photos!

First half and Blues are on top, Big Willy Atko stuffs it up the Bantams with a goal on 14 mins. Bradthud don’t chicken out and push back, but the Blues defence gobble up their attacks.

Second half and Big Willy gets his double whopper on 72 mins to shove the Bants down the pecking order, and Mincealot puts the feather in Blues cap with a juicy OG for 3-0.

Wendy says “Brace from Big Will! EVERYONE played well. Great team effort and clean sheet. UTB!”

bradford-fisheye-east-stand bradford-fisheye-west-stand

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