SUFC 3 Scunny 1 

The Mighty Shrimpers gained revenge over the Iron with a storming performance to knock Scunny off the top spot. Pix and comments from James Anchovy.

First half and there’s a mix-up at FerdsinNandos, Smiffy misses his order and Wally heads in. But it’s 4Tuna on 39 with a header to bring things level. Iron are losing it, with Scunny H 2017the ref bottling a second yellow for Sherlock, who gets subbed for a Crook pronto. Halfo 1-1.

Second half and Theo RollMop comes on for 4Tuna, Welcome back Theo! He brings loads of pace and he’s clever on the break. McGash relaces Timmo and it’s the gash who skins the Iron defence and sets up Coxy for 2-1! Then it’s Cokes who sets up Lenny for 3-1! Bishop gets the Finger from the ref and it’s Bishop to Seat Three as Scunny finish with ten men. Both managers try to wind up the ref but it ends 3-1 Blues!

Blues into the Playoffs, Demi has a great game, Cokes back on form, Theo back, all looking good! COYB!

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