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SUFC 1 Bury 0

Fish Walsh and Wendy Prawniwell saw this one at the Hall Of Screams, with FerdsinNandos and Kightly back in. First half is well poor, Bury miss chances and Blues huff and puff, Big Ox yet again to the rescue. Fish says it was “Dire, but at least we’re not losing…..” […]

SUFC 1 Bury 0

Blues fans travelled to the Hall in hope rather than expectation knowing that a win for MillYawn would pip United to the playoffs. Fish Walsh blew out with toothache, Nick Prawnby reports, with help from Jerri Prawniwell, Scott Conga and Jack Conga. First half and ther’s a subdued atmosphere amongst […]

Bury 1 SUFC 4

The Mighty Shrimpers had a giggle at Gigg Lane with a thumping victory sponsored by Virgin Trains. Eight players injured meant Richard Branson being named on the bench. Power Ranger curls one in from 20 yards then Coxy scores for 2-0 just 3 mins later. Buried get a well dodgy […]

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