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Colchester 2 SUFC 0

The Mighty Shrimpers are now the Shytey Shrimpers after this humiliating win for The Ewes. Blues were a complete pushover, with no hiding places, as Colchester dominated and made themselves safe from relegation with three points. First half and on the half hour, Folive was most lively to a shot […]

SUFC 2 Colchester 0

Bragging rights won in this Essex Derby, with the Mighty Shrimpers continuing their recent good run. Macca and Olayinka were out, in came Demi and Whitey. First half and Blues are in control with goals from Akinola 10mins and Dieng 22mins. Blues have chances and Col U hit the post […]

SUFC 2 Col Ewe 0

Fish Walsh reports from  Roots Hall Academy Blues put out a strong team against the 4th Division side in the last game before the start of the season. Luke Prosser starred for the Ewes, and it didn’t take long for Blues to take the lead from a Cox penalty. McGash gets […]

Shrimpers 3 Col Doomed 0

Nick Prawnby reports from a breezy Roots Hall on the visit of the 2nd team in Essex. Col Ewe sat top of Division Four, one place above Northampton. Just one change with Birthday Boy McQueen in for bad boys Digger/Timmo. A full house watched with Nick and Fish Walsh. First Half […]

Colchester United FC

Colchestaaargh EweNightly Colchestaaargh. Capital of the British Roman Empire, centre of civilisation in England from a time before the birth of Jesus Christ. Imagine the inter-twining of cultures, the acceptance of the Roman ways and integration of the population, Romano-British citizens living in peaceful co-existence with the Essex tribes. The […]

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