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Doncaster 3 SUFC 1

DONCASTER ROVERS   3   SOUTHEND STROLLERS   1 180 hero Shrimpers followed the unbeaten in 2020 Blues up to the KeepMoan Stadium. With several players having left since the last game, there was a feeling of inevitability about this game….. Doncy won the first leg 7-1 after all…. Harry Phillips starts, Dieng […]

Doncaster 3 SUFC 0

Sir Chris Powell asked for more of the true grit shown at Charlton, and he got it! Until Donny scored….. Klass started his first game but Marquis de Sade stuck the knife in on just 14 mins and Blues were on the back foot, with Whitey getting a bad injury […]

SUFC 2 Doncaster 3

The pitch was looking great and Doncy players had their shoelaces tied together, what could possibly go wrong? Fish Walsh, Prawn Connery and James Anchovy report First half and Blues are all over them. Doncy keeper is keeping them in it. Fish Walsh is getting nervous “Ball just won’t go […]

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