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Exeter 0 SUFC 0

Browny brings in Whitey and Macca, Walshy up front with Rickaaee Holmes. With Col Ewe playing later, 3 points essential…. First half and the work rate is there, Hackett hits the bar and both sides have chances, Blues doing well but no shots on target! Second half and Fergie heads […]

SUFC 2 Exeter 2

The Football Gods kicked the Shrimpers in the crustaceans with Exetaaargh scoring a worldy in the 995th minute to deny Moley and the boys three points. Newbie Sterling started up front with Lennon in and playing with an injury awaiting an operation. First half and it’s Goodship firing home for […]

Exeter City

Exetaaargh City Exetaaargh City, this conjures up an image of clotted cream dribbling farmers driving tractors on the M5 in August just to piss off the tourists. Is this stereotype fair on the honest hard-working community surrounding Exetaaargh’s neat and picturesque city? OF COURSE IT BLOODY WELL IS! Exetaaargh were […]

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