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SUFC 0 Gillingham 1

A wad of Prawntroopers braved the driving rain to watch the Mighty Shrimpers play a bunch of Kents. Nick Prawnby, Prawn Connery, Fish Walsh, Jerri Connery, and Wendy Prawniwell saw Harry Kipper back after 15 months out, and a debut for Harry Seadon in goal. The delicious Gills manager Mr […]

Gills 3 SUFC 3

James Anchovy braved the Dartbastard Crossing and the biggest Meccano set in Kent to bring this report. James had his jabs for the trip south of the river along with 1000 Shrimpers but could Blues pummel the Priest-Feeled team onto submission? After all, they hadn’t scored a goal yet this […]

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