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Chesterfield 0 SUFC 2

Prawtroopers Fish Walsh and James Anchovy travelled up to the Prostate Stadium and met up with Chunder-based Hannah Herring. They witnessed a clinical display from the Mighty Shrimpers who ran out 4-0 winners. Injury scares to key players were brushed aside just like the wonky Spireites. First half and relegation […]

SUFC 0 Chestermugged 1

Pre-match chat was pretty upbeat, Chunderfield are no great shakes after all! Visiting the Hall was Hannah Herring, a fan of the Chunders and was made very welcome by the Prawn team. Predictions are Crabstick 2-1 Blues, Prawn 2-0, Wendy 3-1, Nick 2-2 and a ridiculous negative prediction from Fish […]

Chesterfield FC

Chunderfield FC Chunderfield’s early history is mired in muddy mystery manyfold. Having originally been declared as being formed by a holy congregation of Chunderfield’s loftiest citizens under the wonky church spire, recent discoveries paint a different picture. The club started as a collection of rejects from Chunderfield Cricket and Ballet […]

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