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Sunderland 1 SUFC 0

The Mighty Shrimpers travelled to the Stadium of Liggit with Bish back in goal and Goodship Brandon starting. Hump injured. First half and Sunderland start well of course and there’s a huge gap between the midfield and the forwards, no surprise Sun score on 20mins. Blues see out the half […]

SUFC 2 Sunderland 1

The Blues fans celebrated as Southend United won the Relegation Playoffs Final day Lottery Cup by beating Sunderland, and the Prawncrew were there to cheer on the Shrimpers, invade the pitch and celebrate afterwards in the bar! First half and Blues are well up for it, Whitey scores and overhead […]

Sunderland 3 SUFC 0

1130 Shrimpers made the trip to watch a good Sunderland team and yet another rubbish ref. report to come when internet company finally gets it’s finger out, bunch of ****(who shall remain nameless, I’ll just call them ChatChat)

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