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SUFC 3 Bristol Rovers 1

The Mighty Shrimpers started with 8 players under 21, some of whom hadn’t even been paid for Feb yet and Fish Walsh was there with a good feeling in his water before the game… First half and Ravers hit the post with an early header but Demi sets Chaz Kelman […]

Bristol Rovers 3 SUFC 0

James Anchovy braved the M4 and chilly nearly-Wales to waste his day. Browntrout put out his strongest team which managed 3 shots with zero on target. First half and Just 15 mins had elapsed before Bogey Bodin slotted home. Wrighty and the Gash missed great chances but Big Ox had […]

SUFC 1 Bristol Rovers 1

By complete coincidence no Prawnzone reporters could make the game, Fish and Prawn and Jerri working, Sir Nick Prawnby supervising security at a secret chicken strangling facility in Lower Hockley. First half and the Blues, cooking on gas after their 3-0 win at Cheffield, start well, trading long shots with the […]

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