Chesterfield 3 SUFC 0 

First Half and the Blues have yet another slow start, 8 mins and Novak skips round Bents for 0-1. Chez are really up for it, we look really nervy, we need weather this storm. Finally Lenny has a shot well over. Trying 4-3-3 in our Lime Green/Yellow, Pedestrian Pig takes too long, chance gone. Trying 4-4-2 now, this could be a cricket score. Dopey SUFC forwards being caught offside too often, poor defending, Chez hit post, rebound to Blakey, bang it’s 0-2! Bents goes bonkers at his defence.

Half time 0-2 SUFC fans having a pop at Weston but what about our awful defending. Fish Walsh’s unbeaten away record under serious threat!

Second half starts with Prawn Connery predicting 2-2. Blues start a bit better, Pig has 2 chances, one wide, one blocked, not looking like our night. Chez have their first attack GOAL from Blakey 0-3! come off for Payne and Jason Williams but huff and puff gets nowhere. Fish is giving up all hope now. 242 Blues fans are the heroes tonight. 

Full time 0-3

Fish fact – last time we got spanked by three goals was Wycombe away December 2014. We beat them in playoff final to get promoted!


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