Colcestaaargh 0 SUFC 2 

First blood to the Prawniwells on BBC Essex, Jerri scores to help South Essex win the Derby Quiz 6-3!! What a start!

The Prawniwells, Jerri, Wendy and Martin, dragged Prawn Connery to Colander Stadium for the first Essex Derby in five years. They report as The Mighty Shrimpers stuck the 56th and 57th goals into the Ewe’s heart this season in front of 2200 Shrimpers!

First Half and the Col Ewe boys get stuck in trying to impress new manager Kevin Nice-but-Keen. Nice to see them in their Tesco Value shirts. Bents makes a smart double save as the Blues players try to run off too much turkey. Lenny and Thommo slow to react to their No 10, Moons has a shot saved.

Second Half and the wind’s in our favour, then the unbelievable happens. A long throw routine, yes I said a LONG THROW ROUTINE leads to Col Ewe panic and Captain Whitey lashes in from 20 yards! Whitey doesn’t celebrate, but the Blue Army do! 49 mins. Blues on top now and 73 mins sees Mooney round the keeper and slot home. The Ewes push on but the defence and Bents stay strong!

See PrawnTube for Videos!


Full time 2-0 Blues!

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