Krusty Krewe 1 Blue Crew 2 


Predictions from Fish (1-2 Crewe), Prawn Connery (2-0 Blues), Sir Nick (1-1) Crab (5-5)

Fish has wet his whistle with 4 pints of Krustyweiser, but is still grumpily predicting a loss.

First half Almost immediately Blues have a great chance with Supermooney but he fails to hit the target. Blues dominate most of the half, Pig should score but his shot, like Fish before the game, hits the bar. Crewe grow into the game and also hit the bar. We should win this but got to be careful. Lots of room in midfield but not making the most of it.

Halftime 0-0 We’ll see Hunty in the 2nd half surely? (Don’t call me Shirley)

Second half and we’ve hardly got back from our wee and tea, Lenny crosses for to score! 1-0 47 mins. Then we go to sleep and 2 mins later it’s 1-1, Inman says “I’m free” and scores. 1-1. Back to square one, but what’s this? Worral hits the bar, rebounds to who heads in! 2-1 on 53 mins! The fans go mental! Surely not 3 wins on the bounce? And don’t call me Shirley! All the team work hard, Digger and O’Neil working their socks off, even Browntrout doing a little dance! On come Hunty, Westy and Big Willy Atkinson for his first game for a while, Blues hold on for the win.

Fish Walsh and Tom Crabcake celebrate with Cheese sandwiches and a Wispa, long trip home but we don’t care! Man of the Match.

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