Peterbruff 0 SouthTuff 0 

Intrepid Prawnzone reporter Fish Walsh braved a chilly Peterboroughshire to report on The Blues/Yellows/Stewards. Five changes including Henders from Spammers. Phil Browntrout trying to find the right combination against a team which averages two goals a game.

First Half and Bents has to make a smart save, Alnwick saves from O’Neill. Open game straight away. Barney header, good save. End to end stuff, Payney looking lively, Big Willy Atko beat 5 men at one point! Fish Walsh suffering from frozen gills and fingers, but heroically typing away.

Half Time 0-0

Second Half and Bentley has to make two smart saves. But Blues/flourescents having a go, Payney misses golden chance. 95 mins, injury time and well dodgy lino gifts Boro a penalty – but BENTLEY SAVES! Justice is done. Final score 0-0.

Much better performance, Bents was MOTM but deserved a point.

Peterboro stitch pic

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